Apr 30 2014

A few thoughts on color

Color Palettes

Was looking at a few gradients and got sucked into a question of my sites color palette, here are a few things I found might be of use.

1) Odd choice I know but I think I might use this site to rough in a site palette see if it works,,,

Benjamin Moore – Palette Inspiration


2) The classic choice is always a favorite of mine – a great color picker

Kuler – Palette Creator

3)This one was cool, it will pull out all the colors used on a site, if you feel like doing some piggy backing off the work of others…

Pandr – Palette Extractor

Well anyways those are the resources I’m going to be using, funny how difficult front end is becoming these days, think we all have to stick together on this one…

Aug 19 2012

Share bar


This one is more of a general tip with an example, a share bar is a good way to socialize your site.

You can build your own or use this one. http://developers.gigya.com/010_Developer_Guide/18_Plugins/015_Share_Bar



Aug 19 2012

Xenu link slueth -finding dead links.


I have used this one in private and gov work, very useful for finding dead links.

It is not perfect but saves a tonne of time.

Link: http://xenus-link-sleuth.en.softonic.com/

Aug 19 2012

Page load speed



Here is a great resource for seeing which files your page is loading and how long each file takes.

Priceless resource.  – http://www.webpagetest.org/

Sep 29 2011

Anti-spam bee

Hey Guys,

Just a quick endorsement for a great plugin-Antispam Bee.

I have been using it now for several months on this site and on a few client sites,,, Free, quick to set up, and easy to use.   In a word- bravo.

Sep 29 2011

Digital Art

Hey Guys,

I have always found gaps in my designs due to mostly technical training. That is to say with only minimal art training I sometimes feel a bit out on a ledge.

Here is a great Tutorial covering some very interesting topics. I very much enjoyed the Vanishing points insights on video seven. I created a vanishing point tool and am looking forward to using it.

Off for a beer, happy creating.



Jan 29 2011

Photoshop Etiquette (good practices)

The Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto for Web Designers

Here is a good tip from my buddy Khalid

I like this, this site lays out a number of guidelines for creating Photoshop files and workflows that are conducive to productivity and team collaboration. By following these guidelines, you make it easier for others to work with your files, and more likely that your project will go smoothly. Some of the things included are common-sense (proofread before exporting), but others aren’t necessarily something you’d think of if you’re not used to collaborating or working on big projects (use folders, keep logos as vector smart objects). It also includes helpful illustrations for each example, so there’s no confusion.

Jan 7 2011

Great little piece on the history of some major sites

I really like this one, It shows the history of these websites through different years/


Take a peak let me know what you think.

Jan 7 2011

font combos

Few random but great font pages, I found them helpful hope you will too.




hope to have more time to come back to these but clearing out my tabs so ya here they are.


Jan 7 2011

Perfect photo-editing

Hey Guys,

I had though I had lost this Gem, but caught it again and had to post it right away, one of my Favorite Tuts of 2010


Great Technique I recommend taking a look!